Grumman Retiree Club


The Grumman-Northrop Grumman Retiree Club established a scholarship program in 1997. It is for eligible members’ children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, etc., who are graduating from high school and attending a college or university in the same year as the award.

The number and amount of awards are based on the availability of funds and the number of applicants. Funding for these scholarships is completely dependent on donations from you, the members, and also has been and continues to come from annual donations from the club itself and from the Bethpage Federal Credit Union. So it is your generosity that makes this scholarship program possible for our offspring.

Applications are available here on the club website or by calling the club’s office at 516-575-3777. Eligibility and other requirements are detailed in the application.

The Fund urges all members to encourage their eligible dependents to apply. Please note that current employees of the Grumman-heritage component of Northrop Grumman are eligible to become members of the club after one year of employment. However, for a student to apply for a scholarship, the member must be in good standing for the scholarship award year and the prior two years. In the event of the death of the member, membership can be continued uninterrupted by a surviving spouse or descendant of the original retiree member by informing the Grumman Retiree Club.

The directors of the Scholarship Fund evaluate each applicant using a weighted scoring system that emphasizes both academic performance and school and community involvement. Though not all applicants receive a scholarship, the Fund’s directors and the members of the club perceive all the applicants as life winners. What the evaluators have seen in every applicant is a person who works hard to make herself or himself a better person intellectually and, more importantly, the best possible contributor to society. The maturity, goals, ambitions, and career objectives of these young people make us all proud of the coming generation.

Please continue your bighearted support of this fine, long-standing benefaction by your Retiree Club. Speaking for all those who have benefited from your generosity since 1997, it is well-appreciated.

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